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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remember MySpace?

I guess it's up for sale now. I haven't used my MySpace account since maybe 2006. The day they screwed up plenty of customizations & features was pretty much where I had enough of it. Today I logged into it and was like "what the hell?" I could not comprehend the site at all. It's bulky as hell. I guess thats what happens when you have idiots run your website. Maybe they'll be lucky to get my 0.02$ for it. Whats your opinion/0.02$ of the website?


  1. MySpace is the abandoned playground of the internet. I, for one, do not miss obnoxious HTML abuse and embedded mp3 players.

  2. I wish I could say I was surprised, but thanks to Facebook, Myspace is so obsolete. It's sort of sad to see something that was once thriving die so badly. Who knows, maybe something better than FaceBook will come and do the same.

  3. If I had money, I think I would buy it for the name, and try to compete with facebook, on the basis of not giving out the user's information to anyone with money.