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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top 10 Female fronted Metal Bands (2011)

#10 The Agonist

Great band, very talented. Tremendous amount of stage presence. Singer is very beautiful and has a very distinguished voice.

#9 Sirenia

Another great band. Soothing vocals and progressive riffs. Could listen to for hours.

#8 Unexpect

Amazing underrated band. Possibly because they're so unheard of until recently. All their members are very talented.

#7 Epica

If this singer's voice doesnt stand out enough, I don't know what does. She could be an opera singer, thats how good she is.

#6 Stolen Babies

This band will most likely stand out to you. Very original band. They're pretty out there. The singer has a memorizing voice  Good listen nonetheless.

#5  Hanzel Und Gretyl

Oh god, where do I begin? This band has an amazing stage presence. Their singer's voice is very commanding. They're not actual Nazis, however they did get kicked out Germany. Their music and samples can be quite comical if you have a good sense of humor.

#4 Nightwish

I won't say anything about this band. If you have not heard anything from this band, it's a must listen.

#3 Arch Enemy

If you have not heard of this band then you have been living a closet.

#2 Lacuna Coil

Good band, very popular. Singer has one of those voices of which would make you pay attention to their music.

#1 Within Temptation

What is there bad to say about this band?

This list was not arranged in any specific order. They all write and produce great music. Some would say different but I'm not really interested into getting into the specifics of each band.

Oh yeah. Good first post, amrite?


  1. i only know like 3 of those band, they're awesome

    nice videos man

  2. For me Epica will always be the best. But yeah great first blog post man. But yeah I love all of these bands. Never heard of Stolen Babies though...

  3. Lacuna Coil is cool...Rock Band got me into them, like most everyone I'm sure.

  4. very good first post : D
    i like this

  5. Well I only know one of those bands so I'll be sure to check the rest out.

    For all your Pokemon needs!

  6. Oh god, I LOVE Stolen Babies!